{ky} Provisions

/prōvĭdēre/ look ahead, prepare, supply

Trading on passion. {ky} Provisions is passionate about tracking rare or emerging drams. Our international sourcing service is built on market knowledge, trade compliance and professional relationships.

Licensed to thrill. As a purveyor of fine spirits, the key mission of our import service is to source low circulation bottlings and make them locally accessible. {ky} Provisions is a licensed Australian liquor merchant, providing an end-to-end solution from locating the elusive through to import clearance and program consulting. We don't carry a catalogue, as the range rotates in tandem with limited releases - get in touch to discuss recent and prospective products.

Providence. Foresight to develop export markets. {ky} Provisions is working with Australian producers to anticipate and respond to evolving regional trends, specifically targeting Japan as a key market. We are actively market testing to position Australian spirits, supported by logistics management services to satisfy export and import regulations.

Imbibe. Along the way, we have pieced together a key selection of insightful and trivial back stories. Let {ky} Provisions help you curate a compulsive drinks appreciation program.